Neatly packaged to takeaway

By August 21, 2011 No Comments

Whilst these videos made by Sandwich Video are a bit ‘flavour of the month’ for the new online brands like Groupon and Square (my favorite is Jawbone), they do a few things really well IMHO:

  • They’re well produced and look professional (that’s a given right?)
  • They tell stories in plain English (or American, depending on your bias) what the product or service is all about
  • They use real people in situ to explain
  • They show the product or service in action, or demonstrate how it works rather than some complicated diagram or explanation
  • They reveal the real benefit to the user rather than wrapping in corporate justification or jargon
  • They’re short and sweet, to the point

We should use videos like these (and these in my previous post) to explain things to customers, in this simple way.

Source: TBC