Innovation Roundup – March 19 2012

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Yep they’re back, and hopefully these new (and some old) ideas will inspire you. Twitter is still the best place to go for this stuff.

Global financial services innovation & news

Other sources of customer experience & focus innovation

  • These colorful tents are designed to stand out in their natural setting, whilst also having a little fun doing so. Fancy spending a night in a giant piece of cheese or watermelon, or a circus tent, or under an old quilt?
  • Gerry McGovern makes a good argument about focusing on a users tasks not your content. This uses a website analogy but of course could apply to any channel customers use. (Vimeo video) “Get to the task. They want to get in, they want to get out as quickly as possible”
  • Dollar Shave Club takes a fresh approach to the usually boring – and expensive – subject of mens shaving razors. Building fans before they’ve even sold them a razor! Watch the video (if you have access!)
  • We’ve all heard of Flash Mobs – they’re kind of old now. Next comes Cash Mobs – a group of folks get together and flood a local, independent business, each ready to spend about $20. A nice way to spontaneously support a local business that’s doing good.
  • The Jawbone JAMBOX speaker is a simple speaker linking to a smart phone via Bluetooth but this add shows its multiple functions, simple use and fashionable styling
  • Scrabble Typography Edition anyone? Beautiful.

Source: TBC